Caution on Fee Payment from abroad to JTA bank account

Wed, 05 August 2009

Please note that the additional charge JPY 4000 in the case of international bank transfer is only a RECEIVING FEE of the Japanese bank - The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd. All the other commissions must be borne by you as well. Those commissions include REMITTANCE CHARGE and/or LIFTING CHARGE of the sender’s bank in your country. Please make sure that the final amount reaching The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd is exactly equal to JPY 74,000.

Also please note that The RECEIVING FEE of JPY 4000 and any other CHARGES will be imposed to each of the transactions. We advise all the necessary remittance should be completed together.

Any shortfall should be compensated at the reception desk of TASARWORLD. Please understand that JTA has NO responsibility for any FEES or CHARGES imposed upon any international bank transfer.

You might make only one remittance combined together with more than one team to save the remittance FEES or CHARGES. In such a case, please notify us a breakdown of the remitted amount by e-mail without fail.




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