Tasar All Japan 2008

Tue, 30 September 2008
The Japan National Tasar Championship 2008 was held in Wakayama sailing center on 13-14 September. 39 boats were participated. They came from Kanto area, Kansai area and other places by car-top boat. The championship becomes a test event of the Tasar World Championship that will be held in same water, Wakayama Japan next September.
The first race was started with shifty light easterly wind condition but in the afternoon stable wind from northwest blew as race committee expected. Under the blue sky, 6 races digested on schedule for two days event.
Mitsuru Komatsu and Kenta Takahashi from Hayama fleet won the championship. Their start was enough then they moved up every leg. They have strong ability and they aim to be top ranking for the next year too.
The second prize was Norio Akiyama and Tsunehisa Sekine from Biwako fleet. Norio is known as a champion of the Laser Masters World Championship in 1994. He also ranges onto next year, host event of the Tasar World Championship.
Geroge Motoyoshi, from Hayama fleet and a president of the Japan Tasar Association raced with a new crew, Masato Misaki. They made a combination right before the event. However the boat speed was remarkable and they won the third prize.

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Tasar All Japan (Japanese Nationals) Final Results (out of 39 boats)

1 Mitsuru Komatsu / Kenta Takahashi 11p
2 Norio Akiyama / Tsunehisa Sekine 17p (Master)
3 George Motoyoshi / Masato Misaki 27p
4 Yasushi Uchimura / Atsuo Yasuzawa 28p (Grand Master)
5 Yoshiaki Nojima / Tomoyuki Miyashita 34p
6 Takumi Ozawa / Kunihiko Nagano 39p (Super Grand Master)

2008 Tasar All Japan Championship Result pdf

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