Last update on 29 April. 2009

Renting a bicycle

Some competitors may be worried about the transportation between the harbor and their accommodation. Here is information about renting a bicycle!

There is no place running such business around the area. So the organizing committee supported by Wakayama city provides 30 bicycles for competitors during the regatta. Those are used bicycles possessed by Wakayama city and note that not all are in the same condition. All the bicycles will be inspected and fixed if necessary before the regatta. Rental fee will be set and used for such maintenance fee, transportation to and from the venue and fitting new keys.

There are a limited number of bicycles and priority will be given to competitors from overseas, whose accommodation is not close to the harbor and who cannot ride shuttles provided by Garden Hotel Hayashi.

We hope that this brief information helps competitors to decide the accommodation. It will be followed by details such as rental fee and how to rental later.


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